Art Moderne & Art Deco Designs mirror Natures Metal element perfectly!

Art Deco & Art Moderne

These popular designs of the early 20th century (1920-40) reflected the age of manufacturing.  They embraced  the advance of technology and exemplified the age of luxury, glamour, and exuberance.  This design heralded in social and technological progress.

Art Moderne and  Art Deco designs are very close.  Art Moderne has rounded vertical lines while the Art Deco has angular horizontal lines. They both have the appearance to be made out of one block that is broken up with a rounded feature. These  geometric shapes are often embellished with patterns  inspired by Native American art which included; chevrons, terraced,  floral and sunrise patterns.

Materials used were stucco, concrete, smooth-faced stone, and Terracotta. Often steel, aluminum  and glass blocks were used decoratively.  Windows are arranged in continuous rows to streamline the buildings appearance.  Roofs are flat and often  have parapets, or design to accentuate a corner or entrance.

Art Deco and Art Nouveau is an excellent reflection of Natures Metal Element.  with the the rounded angular edges and rounded features.  These styles are usually white stucco which is a metal color and material!  The technological era exemplifies the qualities of metals richness of jewels, minerals, steel and oil!

The vertical angular Earth Element shapes would support Metal and the continuous window alignment reflects the Element of Water.  The sharp terraced angles and patterns in the features would reflect Fire.  Read more on the Element cycles of harmony and disharmony.  

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