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Renee Lindstrom  & Guest Writer ~ Dyan Grant Francis

  • Observations Written by Renee Lindstrom,
  • Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom &  Dyan Grant Francis individually

IMG_20150730_070558Observations of Property

This Art Deco/Art Nouveau Design is located on the incline of a hill facing the ocean and backing into the hill.  It has a large circular design, presumed to be the living area, with an oblong shape off to the right.   All the edges are rounded with no sharp corners.    This home is painted completely white including  the trim.  The front door is a light shade of blue-green with the step leading up to front door grey and black metal handrails. There is a round sphere object at the front door and the door itself has a round window.

The landscaping is growing up and starting to block the front yard and facade, versus trimmed and tailored. The shapes of many of the bushes and plants are mirroring the rounded edges and spheres.   There is a sharp edged wall off the front down to the right that leads to a small patch of landscaping that has more round spheres, blue glass and copper, and a grouping of large boulders.   It also appears to have a bird bath.    The neighbors chimney seems close to the property edge and the houses behind loom over this one.

Numerological House Number

  • 3 reflects – body, mind & spirit,  communication, expression, optimism, fun, creativity

Cardinal Direction of Front Door – West 

  • South East – Wood Element – South-East is the prosperity doorway and it’s direction  represents money and abundance.
  • South-East Facing Front Door 

Read more on the the 5 elements

Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom

A great representation of the Metal Element!  Even the added features continue  the metal theme.  These features are;  round window on the door, the round cutout above the door along the roof line,  the parapet, the rounded corners.  The South-East facing front door has rounded cut outs added as a feature and its washed out light blue/green isso light now it could be classified as metal.  A South East facing front door represents the element of wood and metal and wood are in disharmony according to the 5 Element Theory.

The entrance further highlights metal with grey concrete stairs, black metal handrails and round sphere ornaments leading up to the door.  Off to the right there is a concrete retaining wall that is terraced down to the lawn. The angles of this terrace is a fire pattern and could represent a waterfall.   On the lawn at the base of the terraced wall is a feature that includes more round spheres, large boulders and a round concrete bird bath.   This terracing away from the front entrance to me represents a draining away of resources. Rather than drawing in abundance, it is draining away and pooling in this lawn area!  In 5 Element Theory metal creates water. Too much metal too much water.  Water that represents finances and it is washing away.

Beginning in the 21st Century this property was sold.  I was told at the time and remember hearing something in the news to the effect that the new owners did not move into this house but rather blasted the rock behind it without the Municipality giving them permits.  Damage control was needed.   Eventually they built a large house that now looms over this one.  During construction this house sat vacant and was used by the contractors and construction crew.  The owners had the intention to tear it down, yet the community rallied and had the Community declare it an important heritage home.  It still stands and is now lived in.  Now there is another house recently built that is behind and off to the side that is looming over this property.

Originally this house had a perfect placement.  The hill behind protected it’s back and the front faced a body of water.  Now with the land leveled and it being built up behind this placement no longer has the powerful position it once held.

As a practitioner I would want to talk to the current residents to inquire about their experiences and relationships to find out if they match up to the qualities they are hoping for.  It there is a need for balance I would give consideration to the dominate metal features  and my primary focus would be to introduce some of the other 4 elements and stop the flow of water away from the front door.  I would like to investigate the larger sphere shape in comparison to the block shape as well.

On another day I may like to address the  thickening landscaping  in the front which could be an attempt for privacy along a scenic route along the ocean.

Renee Lindstrom

Personal Perspectives by Dyan Grant Francis 

The uniformity of white is the first feature that I notice about this home.  There is no colour contrast or enhancement to add character or interest or diminish the intense metal.  It is stark, cold and ‘loud’ against the natural colours of the hilltop.  However, the curved shape of the home introduced the element of water which drains metal.  The structure of the outer stairs on the hillside is akin to a waterfall…strengthening the water element and again draining metal.  While the colour seems to be most influential, the shape of the structure matches it and begins to create harmony.

The earth element is introduced in the low, flat shape of the building.  While earth creates metal, this feature appears to be secondary in importance to the water’s effect in controlling (draining) the effects of metal.

The fire element is introduced in the placement of this home on the hill.  It is high, hot and exposed.  The effect of the fire element, in this case, brings warmth to the coldness of the metal element.  Fire destroys metal in the destructive cycle of the 5 elements, so this placement is an important feature to increase harmony and balance for this home.

Completing the elements, wood is found in the perennial bushes and shrubs that surround this home.  Their colour and shape offer contrast as well as protection from the harsh winds that flow off the ocean that lies at the bottom of this hill.

Renee has provided good insights into the history of this home and how the changes have affected the elemental balance.  When doing this type of analysis, history is critical for understanding the effects of the changes made by the people who own the home and how that influences the 5 elements of a building.

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