64 Way in 64 Days

Wednesday is the anniversary of the memorial of Gandhi.  During the  64 days between this anniversary and the memorial of King on April 4th there is an International campaign for peace that has a focus on inner change.

One program, 64 ways in 64 days, has been developed collaboratively by different groups beginning in the 90’s and is based on ‘values.’  It includes affirmations (useful for workplace) full personal reflection and practice (personal growth) one weekly practice suggestion (families) and observations separately for both children and teens! Beginning on Wednesday follow the one that speaks to you.  Here are links for life areas you may enjoy following:

Link to affirmations great for the office (starting Wed – Jan 30) 

Link to full program for personal growth (starting Wed – Jan 30)

Link to weekly program for family connection  (started Jan 27)

Link to daily program aimed at teens (starting Jan 30)

Link to daily program aimed at children (starting Jan 30)

Enjoy these programs and discover a deeper inner connection that supports universal change.

Founders/creators of these programs through the Age for New Global Thought – http://www.agnt.org

Renee Lindstrom is local Victoria, B.C.  grassroots organizer.

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