Exercise Tip for Toes

Exercises for between Awareness Through Movement® Lessons

Toes – Begin with one foot first.  With a small towel or scarf on the floor, begin to pull it towards you with your toes and sense the quality of your movement.  Notice the effort in each one of your toes.

Purpose:  to begin to loosen the toe joints and increase their ability to bend.  After a few pulls towards you now use your toes to push the towel/scarf away from you.  Lengthening them and beginning to push them into the floor as you push the towel/scarf away.

Slowly focus your attention remembering to practice with only one foot at a time. Begin to notice any sensation in your toes.  Curl your toes under and push them way to lengthen them.

Softly – begin to lighten the effort and softy pull the towel towards you and softly push it away.

Take time to notice first one foot and compare it to your second one before starting.  Notice any sensations in your toes and then explore to see if you notice anything elsewhere in your body that may feel differently.

Take time each day for a few minutes to wake up your toes!

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