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Six ways to balance emotions & reactive behaviours of Virgo

Virgo a mutable earth sign

Virgo is the sign of a healer that influences health and wholeness.  It is a mutable earth sign meaning that Virgo can adapt to different environments.  In balance it reflects acts of kindness and words of support

The needs of this sign are health, meaning, equality, independence, space, organization, clarity. and contribution.  Virgo’s have a deep sense of humanity.

Virgo’s are predominately analytical.

How behaviours of out of balance Virgo may manifest

Fear:  Criticism/Illness

Fear Response:  Attacking  Others

Common Virgo out of balance emotional statements:

  • “You don’t measure up.”
  • “You’re so critical.”
  • “This isn’t good enough.”

In earlier posts three ways of supporting this sign focused upon daily goal setting, foods to support emotional balance and physical movement.

3 additional ways to balance Virgo emotions  

#1.  Empathy – Awareness through Listening

  • Self empathy and empathy for others can be as easy as learning to listen effectively (replacing habitual reactive responses)
  • Begin empathy feedback for Virgo’s  with, “You think……”


#2.  Language of connection – Awareness through Communication

  • Can be as easy as learning to turn separation into moments of connection (stopping right/wrong, blame, shame and critical statements)


#3.  Balance and calm Virgo’s environment – Awareness of Space

  • Virgo’s thrive in clean, ordered, stress-free and peaceful environments.


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