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15 hours to the New Moon! 


If you haven’t already considered your December intentions, take 5  minuets and consider what you hope for turning the next 8 phases of moon travel.  Turning intentions into tangible goals begins with imagination.   Setting an intention is much more than telling the universe your dream – it’s your focus of attention, refinement & commitment towards manifesting it.



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Inspired Goal Setting: #8 – Balsamic Moon Phase Goals

Aligning your goals with the Balsamic Moon:

Balsamic moon

Balsamic Moon – Photo Courtesy of Nasa


  • Surrender, Rest, Recuperate

In this phase it is time to surrender, rest and recuperate.  It is also a time for forgiveness. This phase of the moon represents the dark side of the moon, therefore a time for us to rest our busy minds and actions!

Inspired Goal Setting follows the Moon’s path as a reference to create harmony and ease with references on how to apply to one’s calendar of monthly and daily goals.  It supports making one’s goals more doable and more achievable!

This program considers importance of  waning and waxing moon cycles!  

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‘Goals are like stairs and can be objective platforms of influence, What’s influencing you?

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Your experience is what you focus on.  Have you chosen wisely?

Explore unique ways of slowing down to check in and notice where your focus of attention is.  
This mindfulness of inner alignment can enhance your life experiences.
Techniques:  Intentional Actions with Goal Setting, InTouch Relationships & Communication, Awareness Through Movement with Feldenkrais® Method
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