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Home is in the heart

Home is in the heart

Clearing Clutter this Winter ~ 2013

Best periods to start your programs of  clearing clutter this winter:

  • January 28th to February 9, 2013
  • February 26 to March 10, 2013

These periods are the best time for clearing out the old to make space for new things to enter into your life.  Best time for ending  bad habits, addictions and relationships.

For a healthy society ~ on Parenting

News for parents on parenting is that their needs are not the same need as their child.   Awareness is recognizing the needs of the child.  The relationship is taking the time to pause, connect and recognize their needs as having value.   It doesn’t mean you give your parenting needs up, it means your children are not invisible and that they are valued, seen and heard!  This starts pre-verbal and begins with parents having skills to identify their own needs.