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Your focus is where your attention goes…….

Your focus stimulates your connection physically, ethereally, perceptually, emotionally, mentally and ultimately your connection and contribution to life, environment and planet.


One of the physical areas that is a hit right now in my Feldenkrais work is  eye focus.  It seems that those spending time using Zoom have been getting coaching on how to appear through facial expression and eye contact.  It seems that the focus has gone from full body expression to facial with this current medium for staying in touch!

This leads to a question for consideration.  Do you focus on the world and take aim with your eyes or do you let the world come to you?  If you had to guess, which action would be intense and which action would be soft?

What I am hearing as a need from those on the receiving end of a Zoom connection is for empathy expressions.  Those who haven’t accomplished slowing down and softening their eyes are unable to mask their lack of empathy over Zoom.

If you would be interested in discovering more about ways to cultivate this skill through simple micro-moves connect and arrange a Zoom  session.   This is not a trend for healing yourself or others, it is simply increasing your functional facial expressions that increases your accessibility.

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by Renee Lindstrom

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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
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Your Jaw and you



How many of you are familiar with your jaw?  If so, is it because it is tight, sensitive, painful or locked?

This week I worked with a client whose legs started shaking dramatically when massaging their tense jaw.  She had chronically locked her jaw so tightly that it affected how she supported herself through her legs.  Later she mentioned that her walking improved!  Imagine that?

Another client coming to discuss walking explained to me they had surgery on their jaw as a teenager.  Apparently wearing braces had changed the position of their lower jaw.  When the braces came off the teeth were straight but the upper jaw was quite a bit forward of the lower jaw.  The over bite fix was tragic! Breaking the jaw and moving it forward.  Wow, at no time did anyone consider simple learning exercises for releasing the jaw may reduce the need surgery?

Come to an upcoming workshop series and find out more about how jaw health.  For example how your eyes, ears, cheeks, neck, chest, shoulder and arms can or can be affected by what is happening in your mouth!

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