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A client today had to be convinced that their teeth didn’t control their jaw movements!

What about you?  What do you think directs your mouth to open, closed and shift from side to side?

mouthCrazy idea!  Your teeth are one small part in the function of your jaw, yet when you search mouth images the bulk only show lips and teeth.  The tongue, upper and lower jaw, jaw joints, cheeks and chin is usually missing.  No wonder most people only think teeth and lips!

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Your Jaw and you



How many of you are familiar with your jaw?  If so, is it because it is tight, sensitive, painful or locked?

This week I worked with a client whose legs started shaking dramatically when massaging their tense jaw.  She had chronically locked her jaw so tightly that it affected how she supported herself through her legs.  Later she mentioned that her walking improved!  Imagine that?

Another client coming to discuss walking explained to me they had surgery on their jaw as a teenager.  Apparently wearing braces had changed the position of their lower jaw.  When the braces came off the teeth were straight but the upper jaw was quite a bit forward of the lower jaw.  The over bite fix was tragic! Breaking the jaw and moving it forward.  Wow, at no time did anyone consider simple learning exercises for releasing the jaw may reduce the need surgery?

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