How out of balance Aries qualities can manifest physically & embodying change

Aries governs the head, adrenaline, sight, brain, pineal gland and optic nerve

When these parts are out of balance here are some physical ways it can manifest that become habitual

Aries – Out of Balance Health Conditions

Developing an awareness of how to focus and enhance ones lifestyle can change the story of these conditions.  Cultivating this awareness to focus attention on whole function on the inside and expand it to go beyond ones perspective and beliefs to include physical, mental and emotional functions.

In the following figure the parts of  the human functional process are separated into visual bodies to make them easier to identify.

Bodies of Function

Currently understanding of human function seems to lack the knowledge of how each body of  function is inter-related.  This creates a gap of in ones ability to regulate and balance functions leading to system malfunctions.

For example, if someone is totally focused upon physicality with strong cultural beliefs of self-image, their personal mental and emotional health may suffer.  They may act out false self-esteem through aggression in relationships creating escalating conflict. 

Since 2007 Renee has employed methods to support the creation of personal balance and inner harmony at home, work or at play.  They integrate the Bodies of Function whether the gateway session  is focused upon movement,  relationships, or environment.   This concept easily translates into individual coaching, mentoring, and  group learning events.

More in-depth learning about the Body of Functions is incorporated into the Intermediate Awareness through Communication teachings and deepened in Intensive Embodied Mentoring Programs

Guidance through simple change agent action steps can harness ones power of  learning to retrain mental, emotional and physical behaviours.

   The major benefit is taking one’s power back by cutting through the materialism  that gives it away.

Book a personalized Coaching session for self, work, group or create a retreat – 250-361-7508




Check out this interpretation of the structure of of living zen versus sitting zen

Grounding & Support

 #1.  Physical Environment 

  • environment influences
  • eating plan

Affect change through retraining using methods of Awareness through Space and Awareness through Eating.

Awareness through Space Coaching or Consulting can be as simple as adding  or subtracting influences to create mental & emotional harmony & balance or functional to support physicality


Calming decor accents for out of balance Aries behaviours


Awareness through Eating Coaching or Consulting can be as simple as receiving empathy, setting goals, creating an environment for success or accountability coaching.


Eating with the Stars 


Aries Moon Influences for Daily Goal Setting


Creates life  (how life is lived & experienced)

#2.  Body Function

  • senses; sight, sound, touch, taste & smell and abilities to hear, see, feel, taste & smell
  • brain function
  • physical body & functioning –  voice, breathing, movement, responses, circulatory & glandular systems, digestive function,  reproductive &  elimination systems, etc.

Affect change through retraining using methods of Awareness through Movement

Awareness through Movement can be experienced through guided patterns of movement in classes or personal functional integration sessions.


Aries Awareness through Movement introduction


Filters information, responds and captures experiences

#3.  Mental Function

  • short-term & long term memory
  • learned thoughts (one’s thoughts are personal and not what others believe)
  • learned thinking (how one thinks is a personal process and doesn’t translate to being another’s perspective)
  • learned communication (how one choose their words is personal and the words may not have the same impact for someone else)

Affect change through retraining using methods of Awareness through Communication & Effective Empathy

Awareness through Communication & Effective Empathy Listening  Consulting, Coaching, or Training can be explored privately or in groups.


Six ways to balance emotions & reactive behaviours of Aries


Aries Moon Influences for Daily Goal Setting



Book a personalized Coaching session for self, work, group or create a retreat – 250-361-7508

Daily Moon Phase Calendar for Personal Goal Setting

Goals, Food, Movement & Life Style Updates

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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
 & Renee Lindstrom Live

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