Peace Pal Ambassador of Peace Children’s Art – in Greater Victoria #yyj for ’15

Inside is hosting Peace Pal Ambassador of Peace Children’s Art this year!

Our first showing will be at the #4th Annual Creatively United for the Planet Earth Week Festival over the weekend of April 15 & 26th.  Please join us at the festival to view art along Education Alley.  Come to discuss the art with Renee at the Canadian Peace Initiative Booth where we will be supporting long time local Peace Activists, Saul Arbess and Penny Joy.  Saul and Penny have been tirelessly working towards getting  a Department of Peace recognized in Canadian Parliament.

This exhibition is available to your school house or classroom during this year to add to your ‘Peace Education.”  Please connect with us here at Inside to find out more on availability and how to arrange this.

If you would like to know more about Educational Programs for kids; Speaking Peace – being Peace, Creating a Culture of Value, Kids Peace Bus Yearly Calender of values integration program and the Teaching Labyrinth,  please connect with us or visit our Children’s Educational site –

2015 International Peace Art Contest 

Get your kids involved in submitting their art for this year’s, (2015’s) contest.  The deadline is May 30th.  Find out ore at Peace Pals International.

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