‘Plants as mirrors to human potential’

Hosta in Bloom

Hosta in Bloom

Symbolizes balance of the elements:  Earth, Wood, Water, Fire & Air

Nurtures:  Bees, Butterfly’s, Hummingbirds and Humans (Visual pleasure and calming influence)

Represents:  Integrity, Balance & Potential

Perfect garden plant for reflecting the cycle of connection!

Roots + Growth = Blossoms

Values + Sensations = Observation & Listening

  • The flowers of the Hosta reflect Observation and Listening
  • The leaves of the Hosta reflect Heart-felt sensual awareness
  • The roots reflect a Culture of Values

Ultimately one could say the blossoms of the hosta =’s a plants version of man’s connection to higher self and expanded consciousness

 Violet Blossoms Personal Identification with the infinite:  Oneness, Peace

Green LeavesExpressing love in actions

Yellow edges on Leaves Experience, Personal Power & Goals

Representation in three of the 9 life areas:

Financial –  Economic success through balance of heart-love, values  & wisdom                        (highest food for all)

Fame – Integrity and balance in leadership

Relationship – Heart – Mind balanced wisdom in connections

Companion Mineral



  • Stimulates and soothes the mind and emotions
  • Associated with water


by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP,
Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, Communication & Empathy Coach since 2004, Art of Placement  since 2000
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