In the News ~ B.C. researchers call “fall prevention” a public health priority

Yesterday CBC News shared the news that Lancet, an online publication, published researchers in British Columbia had analyzed videos of 227 falls by 130 seniors in B.C.  between 2007 and 2010. (Adults of all ages could benefit by becoming more aware as these seniors did not just change how they shift their weight at this stage of their life.  This is learned behavior over time as they aged that began when they were young.  Watch these seniors with curiosity and notice if you can recognize whether they have any connection to their the function they are attempting.)

I enjoyed watching the video shown on the news demonstrating points in this study on balancing that supports the connection to shifting our body weight, counterbalancing and sensory awareness. Watching the video of elders shift their weight validates the intention behind Awareness through Movement lessons for balancing weight and support more equally through your legs and increasing rotation. Watching the video myself I could see the weight shift in the subject legs that confirms what I share and describe in the balance classes.  Here are a few comments from the researchers:

“We show that the most common causes of falls are incorrect weight shifting and tripping, and the most common activities leading to falls are forward walking, standing quietly and sitting down,” concluded study co-leader Prof. Stephen Robinovitch, of the department of biomedical physiology and kinesiology at Simon Fraser University, and his team.

“Our findings emphasize the need to target each of these activities in fall risk assessment and prevention strategies,” they added in calling prevention a “public health priority.”

For more on the story

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