Why Private Sessions with Renee

Recent Question – Why private sessions with you?

At a facilitator/practitioner who tries to embody and shares  methods of inner connecting, it is amusing now to be asked if I have done any work with different methods.  Before committing to intense study in a few methods that resonated more deeply than others,  I did seek and taste a bit of everything.    There is so much to offer and choose from sometimes it can be overwhelming to have a need to try and know everything.

Recently a student asked me if I had tried a particular well-known process and I had to smile as a memory came back of one of my peers trying this process on me and how it made me feel.  This process somehow the I in me was lost.  At the time I couldn’t name what it was yet it was extremely uncomfortable.

A client shared with me that in a professional session she felt something deeply within and that’s how she found herself in a professionals office.  This professional used these  same techniques I described above.  She described and shared that she found herself filled with self-doubts and felt as though she was not being heard, recognized or valued for her knowing and intuition.  I recognized the I in her was also lost somehow in that process.  Basically she was left to believe that it was her and that she must be making something up and was left with doubting she could trust herself.  Shortly after ending those sessions she found out her knowing and intuition was in fact exact, efficient and something that she could listen too.  This is what lead her to a deeper search and how she found out about me.  Coming to classes first and then moving into private sessions.

What’s important to me is to simply hold her needs in away to let her expand and open into her experience versus making it about her or anyone else that she may be needing clarity about.  It’s about holding each person equally  and coming to understand the limitations of our individual perceptions that do not allow us to see the bigger view.

Seeking answers about why someone would see me privately I can only suggest that it has been my experience that people are more deeply rooted into the floor, calmer and usually leave with hope.  Somehow they are experiencing the I within them that reduces the hopelessness and agitation.  Their process finds moments of ease and inspiration.

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