Color and material are important when it comes to choosing roofing materials.

Fire Element:

This element is considered auspicious for a roof, however the connect to earth and nature is a primary focus.  Natural Eco-friendly materials are available in Wood and Earth Elements may be considered over artificial paints and stains in the fire category.  This includes; orange, purple, red, pink, gold and the bright yellow spectrum.

Wood Element:

Wood Elements support fire which symbolizes stimulating wealth so wood elements are the first choice.  This could be cedar roof shingles that are natural and  eco-friendly or simply painted green or brown which represents the color of wood!  This may also include Living Gardens with a specific purpose – read more.

Earth Element:

Roofing materials such as  natural tiles and slate show  the earth element which would be second choice after the wood element.  These can be the earth tones of reds, yellows, sands and browns. The earth element is the balance of yin & yang.  

Metal Element:  An unfavorable choice are materials in the metal element such as metal roofing materials.   It is only recommended only for garages and garden sheds.  The color of metal is white and grey.  Metal creates water and this is the element that is not highly recommended in roofing materials.  

Water Element:  Black and blue reflects the color of water.  This is not a favored color for a roof as it represents draining away like a waterfall into the earth.  This can show loss of  physical, emotional and mental strength.  Those with lower constitutions do not achieve success and create the lives they dream of.

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