Favorable and Not so Favorable Roof Styles

Considering architecture is important for creating harmony as it is a silent stimulus to ones well-being.    The levels in the design of a building reflect elements in all living things;  grounded at the base and rising upwards to the heaven.  A building foundation and basement are the roots, the mid-section is the function and the higher you go the loftier the function!  This includes the style and material of roof that tops the home or building!  The philosophy is the roof can bring good fortune as well as be visually pleasing and functional.  It protects the building and those inside from the elements.   

A favorable roof is an attractive one.  Therefore color, materials, and style matter.  When deciding on a roof design remember that symmetrical roofs and exteriors can increase abundance  and is considered lucky with all things money. A rectangular and sloping roof design signifies determination, perseverance, greater communication and wisdom.

Two types of corner edges to consider when choosing a roof style are:  

  • Rounded Corner Edges

The favored roof is one that has rounded edges versus sharp corners.  Rounded edges show no beginning and no end – infinity.  The edges also soften and show a softer flow.  

  • Sharp Corner Edges 

Sharp corners show the need for protection inside the home or business from exterior danger.  

5 element notes on roof styles:

  • Pyramid,  Tepee, & roofs facing the 4 Cardinal Directions

Church-of-Truth-003-300x225This style of roof is a great conductor of sound and rises up to the heavens.  It is a design often seen in spiritual centers, churches and spaces for contemplative arts.

  • Symmetrical, Gable & Hip Roofs – Fire element


Symmetrical Triangles reflect the symbol of fire and in balance it contributes to igniting wealth.  If the roof is in symmetry with the remaining exterior and landscape it is a greater influence to  the effects of abundance.  

  • Oval Roofs – Metal Element

BeFunky Collage Language of Nature - Metal-RockMetal is not considered a good element for homes and  this style of roof is favored for industrial and sports complexes, and not so much in homes.   

  • Flat – Earth on Vertical Buildings and Wood on Horizontal Buildings

20150723_200304-2Flat roofs are an unfavorable design for buildings under 4 levels  as they are considered to be unbalanced and unlucky.  An example is in areas of great snowfall – these roofs are difficult to clear and can collapse under the weight of the snow!  In storms water can collect without good drainage representing stagnant water.  

  • Sunken or Caved In Roofs

These are unfavorable shape as they have negative effects on relationships between families, especially between parents and their children. They are disharmonious and  show  discord.

  • Roof Top Gardens – Earth and Wood Elements

Screenshot_2015-08-05-17-32-50It is interesting that  in traditional feng shui 5 element theory it is good luck to paint your roof top green to reflect a wood element which supports the fire element .  Fire stimulates finances! However if one is planting a roof top garden consideration must be given to water features and spaciousness of the plantings.  After all, water puts fire out, rushing water is draining and stagnant water is lethargy!  Philosophically, it also represents moving earth to heaven.  Heaven is loftier action while earth is grounding and settling.    Read more on Roof Top garden

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