Thinking of a Roof Top Gardens


5 Element Theory is a philosophy based upon connection with nature and a perspective that nature includes both natural elements and their cultural meanings. With this in mind a roof top garden is situated on the top of an image of ones head.  In the design of a building the windows are the eyes and the door is the door and the foundation are the feet.  Therefore the top or roof of the building is the loftier function of achievement and intelligence.

Garden plants and colors are in the element of wood which supports the element of fire.  Fire is a favorable roof element.   However, earth drains fire!  Too much earth will drain the energy out of the fire element and water will extinguish it.

A roof top garden should be one that does not need much watering or hold standing water.  Ideally it would be one that is inviting to come out onto the roof to sit and enjoy alone or gather in groups.  Keep in mind that any sitting areas would be enhanced by adding a roof, ie. umbrella over tables.

One exception could be the roof top garden on top of Fenway Stadium that is supplying the food vendors at the stadium with fresh greens.  The stadium now sells only healthy foods made from this garden replacing the greasy fat foods previously sold  This is a fundamental educative experience!

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