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2015-06-21 10.40.36Renee Lindstrom  & Guest Writer ~ Dyan Grant Francis

  • Observations Written by Renee Lindstrom,
  • Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom &  Dyan Grant Francis individually

Observations of Property

This entrance of this new office building faces a four lane road way transitioning into a five lane one at a busy intersection and  a driveway to  a busy strip mall on the other side of it.  The cross walk  to and from the strip mall sidewalk is down the block at the intersection. There is another  strip mall behind and out of view that is disconnected to this new office building.  It has been built on the property on a separate corner separated by parking and facing the other way so that it’s back faces the shopping areas.  The building entrance is slightly recessed and has a large black overhang with vertical bars and windows and the doorway itself is framed with the main floor bank motifs.  The building is an earth shape, has a flat roof and  a mid section vertical extension side with vertical wood strips.  The flat roof has a roof garden.  Off to the side one can see a vertical bar overhang.

Numerological Office Building Number

  • 6 reflects – home, love, children, beauty, the arts, generosity, nurturing & caring

Cardinal Direction of Front Door – South/West 

An entrance way facing this direction is an earth element.  This direction is considered to be the Love & Relationship doorway and it represents Partnerships.

Read more on the the 5 elements

Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom

The building’s shape reflects the element of earth as does the south-west facing front entrance.   The direction is consider the relationship doorway reflecting partnerships.  Numerology suggests this address will focus on community, creativity, and projects. With both together this building and address could be a great place for partnerships and innovation.  The bank is an excellent business for this site, as a bank is usually about  partnering to help people with  creating their dreams!

A few concerns that pop out immediately are; the placement of the address numbers, the black extension over the front entrance, the roof top garden and the front entrance facing driveway of the strip mall across the street.

  • The address numbers are not drawing one’s attention to the front entrance but rather away to the far corner.  The building is not on a walking thoroughfare, it is a destination most would drive too and not easy to arrive at.  The number would be seen after driving by in one direction and possibly missed from other directions.
  • The black overhand adds a threatening visual over the front entrance and darkens it.  The threat continues with the vertical bars that extend out even further.  These bars visually look as though they are over the window adding a sense of danger and the need for security.
  • The higher up you go in a building the more it reflects higher aspiration.  For example, the ground level is earth and the top floor is heaven.   If the top floor is being converted into earth for a garden it would be advantageous to keep it simple with a lighter influence reducing the need for water.  Rushing water is considered to wash away higher aspiration and stagnant water dulls the flow of vitality. A tradition in feng shui  is that flat roofs do not do well under four floors.  More on roof styles.

The front entrance faces a roadway with cars rushing by quickly or stopping for red lights.  It also faces an exit where cars would drive up facing it while stopping to turn either let or right.  The cars aimed at the front door would be considered unlucky secret arrows aimed at the door and the thorough fare rushing waterways, also unlucky. This may be the reason for the front entrance overhang.  It may be trying to protect the entrance!  

Personal Perspectives by Dyan Grant Francis – coming soon.

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