Facilitating couple groups is a powerful experience….

RelationshipDialogue series for couples wrapped up last night for the summer. It ended on an honest note of expressing how this experience was for people in the group and how to move forward with options for practice and future connection. We focused on how if you don’t use it you lose it!  This means if you are shifting your conscious awareness one sentence at a time, you need a tribe to practice with for support to stay in connection and develop different speaking habits. This begs the question, do you have a practice tribe that is committed to expressing honestly and listening with empathy in a way that provides the witnessing and acceptance that is needed for a shift in behavior to happen?

Working with couples in a group like this has been one of the most powerful experiences I have had in facilitating learning groups for shifting consciousness and behavior awareness one sentence at a time. It has allowed me a glimmer into how deeply we love and in turn feel pain when we become enemies in our inability to relate, understand and equally hear each others point or perspective. Think about the power in our personal coupling.  After-all,  it is our parents coupling relationship that shaped us, how we feel, think, react, love, fight, hate….

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