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Living Awareness Personal Program

Living Awareness in the now

Explore being in the now with a personal somatic integration program. This personal educational program is designed for deepened personal learning by enhancing self-awareness.  This holistic movement to mindfulness program guides you to listen to yourself and teaches you how you focus your attention.  Learning how you function increases physical, mental and emotional experiences.  It supports breaking habits that hold you back from fully experiencing a fuller life, increases mobility, flexibility, calms your busy mind and supports you to become mindful of your somatic messaging!

This program increases personal safety and reduces anxiety creating space to stimulate new movement pattern awareness.  Some natural benefits are an increase in tolerance, empathy and patience in oneself and with others. Awareness of movement is the main contributor to improving movement.

Every time the brain is used four competent are stimulated:  movement, thought, sensation and feeling – the four aspects of self.  Typically one aspect is not experienced without the other three.  Inside Awareness programs focus on the four aspects of self.  We offer acute programs that can focus on anyone of these four aspects; movement, thought, sensation or feeling, and programs that are designed for contemplative integration of these four aspects.

What is unique about this program is the patterns of movement may bring you up against your own obstacles of fear and/or protections that you may have  ignored.  Expanding awareness through movement is subtle and easy and  can open you to emotional and mental blind spots.  In this program the movement is the focus and not your stories.  This can give one a fuller understanding of their old habits in present time and bypass lingering in old stories.  It is a practice of being in the now (present) to process.  It is not to say through the movement that old memories won’t arise, they will.  Memories will rise and fall away with ease and are less likely to be lingering parasitic obstacles to a happier and healthier life!

This 90 minute program has three parts.  The first 30 minutes is practitioner lead patterns of movement, the second 30 minutes is guided movement for growing awareness.  This is followed by time with practitioner to build personal literacy of experience.

Each part of this Living Awareness Program can be experienced separately as individual sessions.

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InTouch’s 2015 ‘Roots of Happiness & Success Calendar’

InTouch 2015 Calendar


  • 52  Weekly Values  
  • Setting Weekly Goals & Daily Intentions
  • Daily Contemplation
  • Practice Tips


  • 1.  As a daily agenda
  • 2.  As a personal journal and integration program
  • 3.  In a talking circle to deepen life skills

Read more on:   how to purchase InTouch ‘Roots to Happiness Calendar’ – Download by month or for complete year – 2015


InTouch’s 2015 ‘Roots of Happiness & Success Calendar’

Join Weekly Talking Circle  

InTouch Connection

Drop in or by Month ($13.00 Drop in or $40.00 by month)

Choice of #yyj Gathering or  By Webinar


  • Weekly Talking Circle with a focus on one universal value to integrate speaking with a value based intention
  • Integration of Talking Method that models Empathy Nature  and increases practice of speaking values
  • Weekly worksheets for integrating values and using goals to encourage setting daily & weekly value based intentions
  • Practice Tips
  • Daily Value Consideration

Enjoy a monthly value integration program for increasing effective communication skills, enhancing your inner well-being and relationships.

Start to experience empathy though a model that increased integrative somatic learning that becomes your natural state of listening!

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