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More for you to check in for increasing awareness of your home experience

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Language of Environment & Landscape

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Compass reading –  292.5 to 337.5 degrees

A North–West  facing front door is considered to have yin (feminine) energy.   This direction is the season of fall transitioning into winter or evening into night time.

This direction is the Helpful People doorway and it represents blessing and travel.  The North  is considered a metal element which can be reflected by a round shape or in  the colors of white, grey or black.

Feng Shui Cardinal Directions

Enhancements to a North-West Facing Front Door

In the element theory metal is nurtured by the earth element.  Earth colors are light yellow and earthy colors.  It is reflected with low square shapes.

Avoid with a North-West Facing Door

The elements of  Fire and Water destroy metal.

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Indoor & Outdoor Landscape Life & Wellness Consulting & Coaching which enhances relationships, emotions and flexible movement awareness!