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Wondering How To Make Your Value Based Language Business Culture Rock? Read This!

Office Values

Integrate your mission statement values through education and discussion of their meanings to the organization.  Explore your employees interpretation of each of them and share your personal understanding of them back..  Imagine what they may mean for your clients and customers.  Be ready to hear differences in your perspectives!

Read more on Intouch’s 2015 Monthly Business Value Awareness Focus for support  expanding your understanding.

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Inquire about educational learning programs and business value coaching to support concrete and doable value language.  Curious about the benefits?

By using direct value based statements each reader can have a fuller understanding of the concept and take accountability for meeting them.

Inquire about how your organization, employees and clients can benefit 

Have you implemented a mission statement at work? Is so,

do you clearly state what qualities are important for your company.  Qualities could mean values or needs that are meaningful.  Some of these may include:  respect, consideration, success, empathy, productivity, health and prosperity.

In your outline and support material for your supervisors and employees to carry out your vision, have you included actual examples of experiences to meet them?  Does this include learning what it means to have an experience of respect? What would an empathy conversation look like on paper and how would you create this in their relationships with other employees and clients/customers.

How would you support your employees not to see others as enemies and not take what they are hearing personally so that they can get to the message underneath and not go into reactions?

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