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1.  Lifescape

Feng Shui Landscapes – 10 days to go –  Saturday, March 5th!

Why is our landscape important?  Our environment creates ones unconscious focus of attention! Our landscape stimulates unconscious & habitual behavior whether peaceful, chaotic or somewere in between.  Behavior is a reflection of one’s environment.  This then could be that missed dreams may be reflected in one’s own environment.

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2.  Relationships

 Removing Obstacles to Love

Our first Removing Obstacles to Love workshop was engaging last night. When we finally had a pause to take a break there was only 5 minutes left for the evenings event! Quite astonishing that on the first night the topic of sex was part of the frank and honest dialogue. NO right and wrong opinions only a conversation about values and the needs that are met and unmet in this particular group which consists of those getting back into the dating scene. These workshop should be pre-requisites for love relationships. Absolutely the most important relationships on the planet. It is from these that create our future leaders & citizens.

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3.  Movement

Balance & a Fear of Falling – Workshops 1& 2 starting Wed., Mar 2 & Mar 7

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Renee Lindstrom, GCFP,
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WALKING THROUGH THE WEST – Seeds of Intention for 2016

Seeds of Intention for 2016

~ Part 1 of 3 ~

medicine-wheel-north, south, east & west

  • Planting seeds of intention for 2016

The Fall Equinox shifts us into Natures cycle reflecting  Personal Change.   Entering into the West is the best time to plant the seeds of intention for the coming year ~ 2016 ~.

This is the time to check in and reflect on what has and hasn’t worked in this past year and letting go of life’s clutter.

A time of inner thanksgiving and harvesting.

In this three part series you will explore how to clear inner space to make room for new growth using intention so that you are filling your experience up with what you do want.  NOT with what you don’t want!    Each weekend will include guided mediation and fun activities to combine mindful contemplation, with movement and creativity.  Become introspective in a fun light-hearted way without dogma and the heaviness of effort.  Rather begin to discover how to reduce the effort of living!  Made even easier with Natures guidance…..

Breaking our 2016th year into three parts we will explore our nine life areas, hopes and dreams and begin to co-ordinate them within the cycles of Nature, as follows.

Autumn – West  – Introspection

Winter – North – Clarity

Spring – East – Awareness

Summer – South – Heartfelt Action

Enjoy exploring how to create a better tomorrow that begins with expanding awareness in the support of the natural rhythms of nature.

Weekends – 1 @120.00 each

   Oct 24 & 25   –   Nov 28 & 29  –   Dec 19 & 20

Register @ renee@insideawareness.com



Harmony of Life – Walking the Beauty Path