Landscape Conversations – One becomes two

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Renee Lindstrom  & Guest Writer ~ Dyan Grant Francis

  • Observations Written by Renee Lindstrom,
  • Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom &  Dyan Grant Francis individually

Observations of Property

These two houses replaced one house on a corner lot creating two house numbers replacing one.   Each similar yet different!  Different roof lines, one has a garage in front and one appears to have a larger lot.  Each have wood  and grey siding features yet opposite of each other with black framing. Front Doors feature glass windows as does the one with front  facing garage.  The one that does not have a front facing garage, there are two windows.      The wood element  is represented by the rectangular house and window shapes,  metal in the color grey, water in the black trim color and the windows and fire in shape angles of the roof.  The wood side represents the wood element, yet the horizontal angle represents earth.  Viewing these two homes together one can see one is more yang and one more yin.  The roof design and shift in colors to opposite sides of the house and addition of garage change create these differences.    

Numerological House Number

  • Yin house:  1  reflects – new beginnings, independence, one with life, individuality, self-development, creativity,  progress
  • Yang House:  4 reflects – security,  foundation, 4 directions, 5 elements, discipline, productivity, organization, work & service

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Cardinal Direction of Front Doors – North-East

A North – East  facing front door is considered a yin and yang balance.

This  is consider the doorway direction of  spirituality and personal growth that represents higher education.  It is  considered an earth element.  

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Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom

These two homes took between one and two years to sell once completed.  This influence could have been human, landscape or a bit of both!  The pre-existing house prior was in the process of having the interior re-constructed when it was blocked by city stop and closure permit.  The original owner lost the property in the process and it sat vacant as an empty shell for a year.  When the property changed hands the house was torn down and a large hole was left where the basement was and  sat gaping for another year.      My curiosity always; how does the relationship with landscape affect human experiences!  Is there a connection to the length of time of the sale of these two homes contingent to the history?  Or is it the story of design and placement  that is creating a new history?

These two homes are minimalist style houses with slight variations in their similar design features.  These variations and placements make each unique.  The corner house appears to be sitting on a larger part of the property and with its high-peaked roof that seems to tower over the second one.  This is enhanced by the lack of a front facing garage and how closely placed it is to the second one.  This house has three sharp angles  to create a missing corner on the upper level of the house facing the intersection it sits on.   This house is the more dominant one of the two and with its number 4 the experience of its occupants may be focused on working and service.  A 4 out of balance may be working too hard.

The second house has a smaller footprint on the property and more than half their front yard is driveway.  This together with dominant siding painted grey and black, metal and water, this  essence is of a more inward and reflective quality.  A yin experience!  There are also three sharp corners, yet visually more subtle with the roof angles and siding choices.  The upward angle of the roof is a slight action statement of  fire,  yet, it is a negative roof line influence, it  suggests stagnant water sitting on the  flat roof gathered by the angle.  While in the first house the angled corners are aimed at the intersection, this one has angles aimed at the large unsightly power pole in the corner of the property.  Again a reflection between the two qualities – obvious and illusive!  The number one in this house represents being one with life that fits in with this house style that reflects a more contemplative lifestyle.

The North-East facing doors of these two houses reflect Yin and Yang balance.  This is a nice example of two homes side by side reflecting both yin and yang.  I suspect an example of spiritual personal growth and higher education reflected by these  two houses could be in the Yang house the dominant occupant may be a University Professor, Spiritual Leader, or Philosopher and in the Yin house they may practice contemplation.

Personal Perspectives by Dyan Grant Francis

These homes are a good example of the lifestyle choices that we are making as a society these days.  The large corner lot has been subdivided into two small lots.  This has resulted in the demolition of the large home with its history and character, mature trees and old gardens.  The result is two modern, small units placed side-by-side with virtually no side yard between them and no appreciable front and back yards.
With the change in zoning, it becomes a case of ‘in-fill’.  Land, especially urban land, is at a premium and building practices/choices are showing this.  Without knowing the square footage, its difficult to categorize the style as a ‘tiny home’ or a ‘laneway home’.
In terms of 5 Element theory, the initial observations is that one home reflects the wood element (cedar siding and green ‘stucco’), one reflects the water element (blue ‘stucco’ and black trim with some cedar siding).  Their design is complimentary and trim colour is black (water) in both cases.  The water element strengthens wood.  The exterior treatment creates a harmonious impression.
The water house has a large stone driveway strengthening metal and draining water to some extent.  The wood house has a small stone walkway and dark stone facing on the street level which is not large enough to significantly drain the wood element.  The landscaping does not either enhance or detract from the key elements of water and wood.

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