BUSINESS LEADERSHIP – Integrating Mind & Posture for success

TIP for this WEEK – JUNE 21ST:

Learn to read others:  

  • Did you try the exercise for releasing tension and changing your mood?
  • If you did you will have experienced how body can affect the mind.  
  • Now how can you take this information to support others to bring them into the connection you are hoping for?

This first step is taking it to the next level.  At work (and home) start to notice the tension in others.  If you are feeling bored you start fidgeting.  If you are frightened you may experience a dry mouth.  Become curious about what others are experiencing in your interactions.

This week begin a practice of observing the posture in others and their tone of voice as they speak.  Consider the state of their emotions and the story they are telling themselves.

All skilled, influence-empowered people begin with this first step.

Stay connected for next week  Step two – Tip of the Week – June 28th

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