Body sense can change how your feeling!

How can your body posture create your attitude and behaviour and affect your sense of  well-being?

Emotions happen not just in the mind; they’re in the body as well.
One isn’t expressed without the other

Try this simple exercise to find out more…….

1.  What are you feeling now in this moment?  If you are not feeling happy, content, and are not enjoying the quality in the moment, uncross your arms and legs, sit up and start to notice if you have any tension in your jaw.
  • Are your teeth clenched together?
2.  Loosen your lower teeth from your upper and let your jaw become slack.
  •  Notice your tongue  placement and if it is against the roof of your mouth let it fall.  
3.  Relax your forehead, eyes and cheeks.
  • Take a moment  to massage the space between your eyebrows to soften the tight knot and widen your eyes a few times and then let them relax.  
4.  Notice your breathing pattern.
  • Are you holding your breathe?  If so, begin to breathe as you would normally and follow your exhale for 3 rounds of 5 breaths. Pause between each round.  If you notice each out breathe has a different length don’t change it, simply notice it.  A few times on an out breath, slouch, round your back and bring your upper arms together towards each other in the front.  Let your chest sink onto your diaphragm.  
5.  Now go back and notice how you are feeling.  
  • Have your original feelings shifted into something else?

It is impossible for you to think about something, without having some form of physical response to it.

Every thought always reflects through the body in some way, because of the electro-chemical, neurological, and physiological processes going on in both your brain and body.

This exercise demonstrates in a simple way how you can change your emotions and thought patterns through your physical body posture and patterns of movement.


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