Conscious Dialogue will change the world, one conversation at a time……

Fruition is appearing through those struggling through learning and as it pops up for those in my circle of learning – amazing connection of understanding and for me, gratification for contributing  I am in the afterglow of three celebrations yesterday in three separate teaching moments that makes my heart sing! Each of the three completely different, couple, single, parent, yet all struggling with the pain of unconscious behaviour of their own and those around them. In the A-ha moments, the prior distress of waking up – gone! The one I would like to share is the feedback of one who recognized the value of getting ego out of the way to work mutually towards the good of the common goal! Wow, I have purposely not used the language of the dharma (ego) even tho having the recognition of these steps as the potential to actually create this experience. Going beyond our habit and learning how to be in a dialogue with understanding is amazing in my opinion!

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