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Ceremonial Labyrinth for Commitments of the Heart

Pictures showing one walking pattern designed for Heart Commitments by Jerry Eztkorn, Labyrinth Designer.  Standing with Renee Lindstrom on Willows Beach in Victoria after drawing design to birth this new artistic creation for a celebration request to start 2014!

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Imagine starting your own family tradition.  On each anniversary walk independently into a labyrinth letting go of all attachments to adversarial thinking. Connect to the deeper quality underneath your mind chatter to what binds you both into a meaningful connection.  

Let it become an annual reminder for letting go of your thoughts and images of what’s not working in your relationship for connecting to the meaning and values you made in your original entwining agreement.  Together walk the path out refreshed in a renewed purpose of connecting to each other, your shared values and inner beauty.

Picture Gallery ~ Victoria Labyrinth Events supporting 15th Annual Labyrinth Society Vcr Island Gathering

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September, 2013 – 15th Annual Gathering of the Labyrinth Society on Vancouver Island
  • Supported and sponsored by Renee Lindstrom of Inside Awareness and Walk-Victoria.com
  • Supported by James Bay New Horizons, Christ Church Cathedral, Public Library – Central Branch, Cadboro Bay United Church, Henri Lock and Interfaith Chapel at the University of Victoria, Robert Ferre one of the original founders of the Labyrinth Society and his wife Linda Rickett

Labyrinths ~ 11 Circuit

This pattern has become well-known as the Chartres as it is the Chartres Cathedral in Paris.  This dates aback to the 12th Century.Labyrinth - 11 Circuit

Click image for pdf download of pattern

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