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Value Based Programs for your Business!


Success for long-term goals by actively setting short-term value based goals

Value integration program to bring depth and connection to business visions and mission statements.  Value based goals increase commitment and success. Long-term value goals are translated into the short-term goals that support relationships, compatibility and productivity.  Make sure your business long terms goals make value sense and are doable.

  • Easy steps to creating success habits!
  • Designed to work with your pace.


1.  Initial Consult includes preview vision and mission statement

2.  Translate Values into agreements

3.  *Language Enrichment Learning Systems

  • ‘Empowered’ Business Culture with Values 
  • ‘Connected’ Employee Culture with Values 
  • InTouch Talk Workshops
    • Think, Speak, Act  
    • Talking to Listen 
  • InTouch Connection

4.  Value/Business Integration

5.  Accountability coaching and/or empathy coaching are more options to ensuring your success!

Let’s Connect now to find out how to become a value based business

Learn to set business value goals

Improve your business relationships in person or on-line

Affordable and Designed with Unique Business/Employee/Clients Needs

InTouch Talk programs focus on learning that matters.  They are motivational and designed to integrate into each unique business culture.  We understand that each business environment has its own needs, therefore, the focus is on listening first before solutions.  Every dialogue is an opportunity connect to your individual organizational and relationship needs.  Learning matters!

*A language enrichment program offers the action steps to integrate the communication skills every business is seeking for increasing productivity, respectful interpersonal relationships and customer service. It begins with learning the universal thread that connects us all and improves our willingness to listen and contribute. Identifying values and deepening listening skills with empathy development creates a language of intention.  A system to turn disconnection into connection with potential of a natural and organic system for resolving differences and creating solutions.


Renee Lindstrom, GCFP,
Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, Communication,  Empathy,  Values Coach since 2004, Art of Placement  since 2000, Labyrinths of Victoria since 2012, #yyj Peace Week Grassroots Calendar Founder, Vice-Chair of World Children’s Summit on Peace & Nature in 2015


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‘Values in the work space’ – Improve communication in business

Integrating values in the work space and learning a values spoken language brings immediate results.  This system of learning has proven it will save time and money in the long run.  It will cut unproductive time spent to justify ones actions to prove who is right or wrong and replace water cooler gossip, that creates enemies,  with skills to speak up effectively in the moment. The roots of  discontent always comes back to misinterpretation of information at the time of any circumstance and the lack of skills to inquire for more information before drawing conclusions.  Without this there is only one unethical behavior option, reaction!

This business model continues to prove to me that it develops trust and safety for being honest and being heard.  What I am witnessing is a model of personal mediation that reflects courage for speaking ones truth in the moment and with ease!  Breaking through an old school concept of not being outspoken to be nice is replaced with true kindness to the organization.

In these long-term business integration sessions that have following introductory workshops,  I get to witness the participants breaking through the barriers of  those who ‘think they know everything,” and those ‘who never speak up.’  Those who think they know go beyond this self-induced wall of limited thinking and those who never speak up begin to make their presence known.  The result is more connection and less resentment.  Those who preach and tell stories are doing less of this and those who quietly listen to the stories and preaching to be ‘kind’ are doing so less.  It is eliminating the resentment and freeing up time for productive action.

As a facilitator it is very rewarding to engage and observe this transition that becomes  ‘deepened mediation in the moment.’  This model can cut through frustration immediately and end lengthy meetings trying to resolve and process reactions.  When you think about it, restorative justice is focused upon reactions of those who did not know who to speak up for themselves in the moment to get the results they longed for!

Employers, bosses and employees:  why are you not all focused upon understanding why we are having reactions and being honest in the moment?   Why wait until being disciplined or sitting around a tribunal?  Radical!

Workshop for your office or organization or 

Make and inquiry on Business Integration Options




 Renee Lindstrom, GCFP,
Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, Communication & Empathy Coach since 2004, Art of Placement  since 2000, Labyrinths of Victoria since 2012, #yyj Peace Week Grassroots Calendar Founder, Vice-Chair of World Children’s Summit on Peace & Nature in 2015


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Business: 13 Success Steps for Respect and Value at Work

13 Success steps for you to become valued and respected in your work-space by your peers, employers or employees.  

Find out more about a Value-Based Workplace Culture

1. Erase “can or can’t” from your vocabulary

Meeting a need is a personal responsibility and either you will or your won’t.  It is a choice you are making.  The only person standing in the way of doing it  is you.  Think a moment about whether you enjoy hearing others go on about  why they can or can’t do something.    So, why are you doing it!  

  • Personal Commitment – Replace “can and can’t” with “yes or no.”

2. Problem solving vs. Personal Resolution

Problem solving is about coming up with strategies to fix and not honest expression of what is not working together with a willingness to another’s perspective.    The solution that is effective for you may not be to any one else therefore replacing productivity with resentment.  

  • Personal Commitment – Make a priority to replace problem-solving with honest expression and intent to listen before solutions.

3. Practice what you have learned and what you are learning

To produce results, if you don’t use it, you will lose it!  Intelligence is implementing what you know. If knowledge stays in your head all you really have is information that is never used.

  • Personal Commitment – Take chances, be courageous and practice what you’ve learned.

4. Stress is produced by giving in and doing what you already know doesn’t work

Want it to be different and yet unwilling to change or not speaking up? If you are doing either of these two behaviors, stop what you are doing immediately.

  • Personal Commitment – Ask, “why am I choosing to work in a way that I know will not produce results?”

5. Intention and Longing

An intention is doing something with a purpose that you are taking action on.  Longing is an  idea is that you are using for entertainment. Day dreaming is not a strategy and will not produce results.

  • Personal Commitment – Connect to intention before speaking out.  Is it to connect?

6. Be clear on your intention of connect

Have you refined what you want into a language that is non-threatening to others.  Remember you cannot ask of others what you are not doing yourself!   Have you developed the clarity to skillfully bring your connection to fruition?? If yes, integrate what you want to share with the steps that will result in connection. Transform your enemy image language into one that creates the desired outcome to connect.

  • Personal Commitment –  Create allies not opponents!

7. Put an end to purposelessness

This is also called intention deficit disorder and is always at the core of an unproductive life. Create a purpose and act on it.  No one will give you a purpose, you will have to create your own. Thinking about creating a purpose, or talking about creating a purpose is not creating a purpose.

  • Personal Commitment – Check in to what is alive in you now!

8. Take action to create now

Be willing to take action now or let it go.  If you are not willing to speak up you are meeting a need, possibly for safety, so stop hating.  If you  are not willing to speak up you are the one not creating a powerful and satisfying life.

  • Personal Commitment – Speak now!

9. Notice where your focus of attention is

Are you distracted by the things that are incomplete that keep coming up in your mind?  Create three categories for these things: Do, Drop, or Delegate.

  • Personal Commitment – Take the necessary action to de-clutter thoughts

10.  Notice your behavior by asking , “Am I acting habitually and choosing not to connect or am I meeting my own intentions for connecting?”

Observing yourself in action will create space between what you are thinking and reacting in the old way of blaming others.  You will develop the ability for assessing how you actually operate in life and the opportunity to carry out new behavior creating new habits.

  • Personal Commitment – Stop to notice and assess your own behavior?

11. Practice empathy skills

Focus on making a difference. Be willing to listen to what is going on for others and share back with them what you hear them saying.  Be willing to listen to them in a way that no one has ever listened to them before, and be willing to say things that no one has said before.

  • Personal Commitment – Make a difference by listening.  Replace fixing or coming up with solutions and comparisons with, ” I hear your saying…….”

12. Practice self-empathy

Listen to what your telling yourself and check in to the message underneath it.  Find out what is stimulating the thoughts keeping you from taking action.

  • Personal Commitment – Check in and find out what the message is  underneath the procrastination.

13. Be Present for yourself and others!

  • Personal Commitment – Take action and do whatever it takes not be in conflict with yourself.

Since 2004 language and empathy coaching has grown in business.  Value – based businesses are become more popular and mainstream with Universities dedicating study programs to assess the outcomes.  Usually favorable reports!

Employing value based business programs and coaches extends beyond  areas of personal careers, executive and administration organization.   The distinction is coaching people in the domain of business. It is distinctly designed to directly affect the overall culture of a business.

Why getting InTouch Programs and Coaching for your business 

getting InTouch Programs at Inside are about transformation not information. Some information may change hands but the real power of coaching is when peers and  clients experience something new and different for the first time. Integrating success is NOT simply new information, that is education, IT IS transformation using techniques to explore and experience change.

Businesses tend to operate with long-standing social habits or emotions as opposed to inventing a new future.  These programs will introduce  objectivity and bring a focus of attention  to areas that would otherwise be overlooked or missed that are causing conflicts.

Most people don’t realize what’s possible or understand how to be creative in their business social environment.

getting InTouch will support employers, employees and peers to move into experiencing the present and point out the limitations blocking success by operating from the past.   A primary focus is on how to unlock habitual habits.

Renee Lindstrom
Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, Communication Coach since 2004, Art of Placement since 2000