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Purpose and the New Moon

This week the value changes from purpose into support during a new moon phase.  In Tibetan Buddhism the New Moon is a time to breathe in to a calm state and watch your emotions come and go.  It is also is a time for contemplating your true purpose.

  • Why are you here?
  • What do you want to do with your life?
  • What do you want to accomplish?

If you pause to consider your purpose take a moment and consider your nine live areas.  You may have one or two that speaks to you more loudly that the others, yet give a moments thought to each area. Note that each life area may represent the best seasons for certain changes and ecology focuses.

1.  Fame

  • Ecology Element – Fire Resources
  • Season – Summer
  • Quality – Attachment

2.  Health of Self and Family, Animals

  • Ecology Element – Earth
  • Season – Summer into Fall transition
  • Quality – Submission

3.  Relationship – Intimate

4.  Future, Creativity, Children

  • Ecology Element – Metal
  • Season – Fall (Harvest)
  • Quality – Delight

5.  Helpful People, Community

  • Season – Fall into Winter transition
  • Quality – Vigour

6.  Career

  • Ecology Element – Water
  • Season – Winter
  • Quality- Quietening

7.  Education, Learning, Faith

  • Season – Winter Into Spring transition (Seeds)

8.  Ancestors, Pasts 

  • Ecology Element – Forest, Plants
  • Season – Spring (Growth)
  • Quality –  movement

9.  Wealth, Abundance

  • Season – Spring into Summer transition
  • Quality – thriving