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Winter Solstice ~ December 21, 2012

In November, 2012 after a meeting discussing the upcoming 2013 Labyrinth Conference on Vancouver Island with a delegate of the organizing committee, Louise Taylor and I made an agreement to host a  Labyrinth Walk on Winter Solstice.  She mentioned she would like to invite Joanne Thomson and together the three of us began envisioning what such an event could look like.  Here are some photos of the vision coming to life in real time.  Now I am going to ask you the viewer to imagine the quality of the space that you might feel in a community that creates together and the resulting inner connection.

Winter Solstice 006 Winter Solstice 009 Winter Solstice 011 Winter Solstice 012 Winter Solstice 013 Winter Solstice 014 Winter Solstice 018 Winter Solstice 022

Dancing Wolf ~ Reading his poem ~ Soul-stice

For those of you who have not met Louise Taylor, Founder of the CorUnum Centre ~ she is playing the accordion and singing.

Drawing a West Coast Sand Labyrinth

638px-cretan-labyrinth-round.svgby Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness, Living in Natures Love Blog & Renee Lindstrom Live

Walking through a sand labyrinth for the first time may bring you an unexpected quality that could increase your experience of joy and renew your romance with  life along our coastlines.

After drawing and creatively decorating a sand labyrinth it will be time to simply enter the walk.  Walking the labyrinth pathways your attention may be drawn inward increasing your focus on what’s in front of you.  This is when you may begin to notice the simple beauties of beach life that sometimes gets lost in the vastness of the bigger view.  For example; a tiny birds foot prints, a shell embedded in the sand and seaweed sitting softly on top.

Shell in sand

Shell in the sand

These bits of life may jump deeper into awareness in this type of meditative walk in a way creating a deeper sense of expanded connection to your senses in some way.

If you are planning a beach event or simply find yourself with time at the beach consider this an opportunity to deepen your connection with our coastal life.

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New Labyrinth Walk – Sunday, July 22nd!

A morning Feldenkrais® style Labyrinth Walk @ The Art of Movements ~ Dance the Change you want to see in the world

Dance the Change you want to see in the world

with Renee Lindstrom, GCFP