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Change through focus & purposeful action

‘People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.’ Earl Nightingale

Change begins with the ability to recognize it.

Recognition begins with courage to pause and focus on one’s experience.

Transformation is the willingness to explore how it could be different.

A personal focus on an inner question of  how the  experience could be different equals change.

Fear, pain, lethargy and withdrawal are debilitating. These feelings enable one’s ridgid patterns that create hopelessness and deepen their grip. These stuck patterns are limiting and very often unconscious behaviours that create the tone to how one experiences their day.  Successful transformation is possible through one’s willingness to connect to inner intention and corresponding outside actions.

Retraining focus of attention

Cultivating awareness of one’s actions in the moment begins with a intentional focus of observation prior to reactive responses.   Intentional observation that is inclusive of:

  • physical inner-action (experiencing sensory movements)
  • mental inner-thoughts (viewing thoughts without acting on them)
  • inner-feelings/emotions (being in sensations without acting on them)
  • environmental stimulus (sensing stimulus of surrounding influences)

Focusing one’s attention on sensing their action in real time is the true experience.  The truth of what is happening is lost when focus shifts away from simply observing the moment.  It becomes an opinion or a perspective based upon memory. 

  • shame & blame
  • right & wrong thinking
  • punishment & reward
  • hierarchy
  • denial of responsibility
  • demands
  • comparisons
  • moral judgements
  • diagnosis, or assessments
  • labelling
  • expectations