Goal setting in 8 easy steps!

Empower your goals by aligning them with the moon 

In Inspired Goal Setting Workbook, we suggest that goals offer a focus to achieve something that is meaningful. Acting on a goal creates a boundaries simply from the need to meet them.  For example,  if  one has a goal  to save money to purchase s major item, it would be easier to refrain from buying the dress shoes that may tempt you.  Voicing your goals makes them real and meeting them personally rewarding.  The celebration of meeting them builds inner confidence   It is an empowering experience!  

Using these 8 steps encourages ones to slow down and become more mindful of the process of setting goals.  These 8 steps are designed after the 8 phases of the moon’s orbit that includes the growing (waxing moon)  and declining (waning moon) cycles.  

The moon is known to influence on our creativity, imagination and ability to attract other people. It affects our moods and can support our daily activities.  The  phases of the moon’s cycle offer a guide to follow and with this support, one can create  a unique and personal goal almanac.  One that aligns with nature and the cosmos.

From Inspired Goal Setting Workbook goals in 8 steps 3*

Start creating your goals to increase your confidence and to move forward with more conscious awareness.  The are no unseen forces that have power over your experiences.  You create your reality whether consciously or unconsciously. Every action is a choice, even non-action is a choice and life changing.

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  • Connect to find out more about how to get support learning how to set concrete and doable goals.  Turn you goal setting challenge into an easy habit!


Inspired Goal Setting Workbook for 2016 – written by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP

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