LANDSCAPE CONVERSATIONS – Recessed Entrance facing a T-Shape Intersection

2015-06-21 10.40.36Renee Lindstrom  & Guest Writer ~ Dyan Grant Francis

  • Observations Written by Renee Lindstrom,
  • Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom &  Dyan Grant Francis individually


Observations of Property

A minimalist style house and groomed landscaping.  Main floor of house and garage are the shape of the low flat and square earth element.  Window frame shapes mirror the low flat shape of the house on the main floor.  This continue with the earth element shapes of the frames on the garage door.  The upper floor has a slight upward angle to the roof line that hints at the element of fire. Viewing the reflections in the windows on the upper floor you can imagine why windows reflect the water element!

The wood siding of the house reflects the wood element, yet the wood is laid sideways versus up and down,  mirroring the house and window frame shape. The doorway is recessed and accented with grey square stone bricks reflecting the element of metal .  The door itself is wood and accented with  bars that could be long rectangular windows with black trim.  The trim of the house is painted gun-metal grey with some white highlights which are both metal elements.

From the angle of this photo the upper floor of the house behind this property aligns with the garage and at first glance adds the fire element with the triangular shape!

The façade may have a missing corner on the right as you face the house or it may be an extension out (determined by square footage).  This creates a view of the façade as being smaller than the main body of the house.  The sidewalk leading up to the front door is a straight line and the front door faces a street directly aimed at it that is called a T-shape intersection.

Numerological House Number

Cardinal Direction of Front Door – West 

Read more on the the 5 elements

Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom

The front door faces a street that ends in a T Shape intersection and the sidewalk continues this alignment extending the straight arrow to the front door. This would be the starting point of creating a change to shift the influence of these straight lines and what they represent.  Imagine arrows being aimed at the front door with every car driving up to this intersection. I do not view any design or enhancement to curve, slow down or deflect these arrows.

The placement of the garage is in the back right hand corner behind the house so it is not the first thing you see viewing the property therefore a more nurturing influence to the experience of settling or grounding.   Though it is located in the corner that reflects relationships!  Could this reflect connections that involve travelling?   An interesting point is that the garage has a large peaked roof behind that towers over it.  The peaked roof resembles the shape of fire and the garage shape resemble the earth element.  In the nurturing cycle of the element theory fire creates earth.  In this case though it may not be in the best interest of the occupants to leave this power with their neighbors!

The main body of the house and garage is an earth element shape that supports a west-facing door.  A west-facing entrance way is considered the creativity doorway that reflects children and the future.  The west-facing doorway is a metal element and in element theory earth supports metal.  Other metal features of the house are accented in the grey rock around the front door and in the trim colors of white and gun-metal grey.

However the wood siding in element theory is disruptive to earth and metal is considered to be the element to destroy it.  So here we have an earth shaped house disturbed by the wood and that is framed by metal that destroys it!  Water is reflected in the windows that are contained earth shaped frames and there is a hint of fire in the upward angle of the roof line!  Given the design of the house facing a T-shape intersection this cycle of elements that has been chosen may be productive.

The front door itself is located in the recessed design that imitates a cave like entrance.  This enhances the zen like quality of metal and remember metal is the element of a west facing front door!   Viewing the front door, it seems that it could be in two quadrants that reflects career and knowledge areas.

I love exploring the numerology, elements, cardinal directions and placements and finding the synchronicity!  If on-site I would begin to observe the personal relationships to life areas and each other as part of a enhancing or correcting area’s. Of particular interest would be the balance of the front door’s Yin with the T Square intersections Yang!

Renee Lindstrom

Personal Perspectives by Dyan Grant Francis

The major features of this home are of the earth element – the long flat surfaces of the roof, the square shape of the structure, the rectangular windows, and the earth-toned colour of the horizontal siding.  While the home has wood siding, the strength of the colour and position of the boards exerts a strong influence for the earth element.  The garage at the rear of the lot has a flat roof as well, increasing the power of the earth element with a garage door whose shape and colour mimic the earth of the building at the front of the lot.

The trim and accent colours are of the metal element – white, silver, pewter etc.  In the nourishing cycle of the Five elements, earth creates metal, symbolically, like the gold or silver in an ore-rich mine.  These two elements are in balance in this structure.  Too much metal would drain the earth aspect and create imbalance.  .

As much as we are influenced by the surrounding environment, we are also influenced by the structures in which we live and work.  In this example, there is a predominance of the earth element bringing stability but also difficulty with flexibility.  Like a mountain, earth structures have a presence that is unchangeable and dramatic.  Earth promotes credibility and honesty with the focus of self-love being through service to the greater good whether it be environmental activism or counselling the poor on food preparation for example.

The hedges along this property provide excellent boundaries and are in an earth shape – low, flat, horizontal.  The stone beside the front door as well as the metal accents on the door itself strengthen the metal element of this west facing door balancing the predominance of the earth element.

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