Inner curiosity into reality here at Inside!

Integrating the evolving community needs has given rise in the  ebb and flow of educational materials and offerings.  It seems that these material are expanding more fully into a lifestyle focus here at Inside!

compass rose

This became evident recently with a need for clarity and understanding of some of these new educational  tools being  added.  Some hard personal questioning answered within two days with great joy and relief.  This came via a speaking invitation from a local community group.  In our conversation I heard that their 2015 direction for presenters held the same theme as what was emerging here at Inside.  Hearing this was greatly appreciated and reassuring.

It meant that the essence that is emerging here at Inside is a theme that is understandable to a consciously directed community!  I fully recommend opening to exploring with curiosity versus the confines of closed systems of beliefs and limitations.   I also appreciate the mentors of the past three decades who supported breaking limiting believes and promoted testing inflicted boundaries and limitations.

I encourages people, groups and business organizations to take time and commit to pausing long enough to check in and explore with curiosity their dream, direction and destination.

If you would like to find out more about receiving Value-Needs Coaching that supports this, please connect with Renee.



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