Finding Love, Being in Love & Remembering your love………

Love Questions:

  • Does love just happen? (No, sex just happens!)
  • Does that loving feeling last forever? (No, when the physical chemical wears off the relationships becomes a struggle.)
  • Do you fall out of love with yourself  when you love someone else? (When you let anything go without addressing it, yes you are no longer loving yourself)
  • Who do you fall out of love with first, yourself or your mate? 
Heart  Shaped Ceremonial Pathway

Heart Shaped Ceremonial Pathway



  A new way of looking at finding, being and staying in love!


Love is fresh, never old! 

First lets look at what makes love old when:  

  • looking for it,
  • being in it
  • or trying to remember it?  

If your answer was unmet needs your right!

Surprisingly our first step for finding love is hunting for it.  It’s easy to hunt and be hunted.  We are longing to feel connected, loved and chemically high!

Typically our second step is to conform ourselves to fit the model we think we should be.

Or, we demand our love interest conform to be who we want them to be!

Putting them or ourselves first turns today’s dream into tomorrow’s nightmare! 


 Let’s start over!  Together lets take a look at your definition of love and find out if it is working for you, but first lets talk about why.  Whether you are looking for a short-term fix or long-term relationship wouldn’t you want to experience the best of you versus the worst?  To feel confident, beautiful and fulfilled replacing hurt, resentful and frustrated would be the ultimate experience in love’s connection.  How can you achieve this?  By making love in your life your priority.  Considering it, defining it and preparing for it.  The definition you have for love is different than anyone else on the planet.  Yes, even your lover!

  • If you know your love map you will choose better lovers.
  • If you know your love map your lover has a better chance of being in connection and not having to be right or wrong!  
  •  If you are in a right and wrong relationship and have forgotten the ‘er’ at the end of love stopping to define your love map will refresh your memory.

  Love is a philosophy.  Love is life.  Love is a career.

Love is the field when the head, heart and body is in sync.  

Are you focusing as much of your attention to your love as your own career? If not, why not? 

Connect to find out how you too can deepen your connection to find, be and stay in love.  Personal programs include creating your love map, defining love in your life, creating the space for love, attracting love to you and how to talk ‘love’.  

 Connect and ask about: 

  • Creating a love map (yes works for singles & couples)
  • Home assessment
  • Movements, mental & emotional aspects for releasing blocks to love
  • Love Conversations
  • Getting Married
  • Ceremonies
(in person, by telephone & by conference call)

  Love related workshops

Wedding Labyrinth

Wedding Labyrinth


 Renee Lindstrom, GCFP,
Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, Communication & Empathy Coach since 2004, Art of Placement  since 2000
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