Green Environment? Start where you are – this is where balance will begin

Willows Beach, Greater Victoria, B.C.

Willows Beach, Greater Victoria, B.C.

Personal connection to the environment is reflected in personal surroundings at home, work and play.  It is experienced in our immediate surroundings by the decisions made and personal actions taken.  These decisions and actions are experienced in the present and future and impact the  quality of life, lifestyles and relationships.

Try answering these easy questions:

1.  Begin by considering what is meaningful to you in nature and make a list of qualities that reflect this.  Some examples might be; space, order, beauty, interesting,  fun and quiet.

2.  Now consider how your home reflects these qualities.  Ask yourself if your personal space reflects the same qualities that you enjoy in nature?

3.  Next consider the surroundings at work or school with the same inner question of whether it has the qualities you enjoy in nature.

4.   Once you have considered your structural support take time to consider what you do for play.  Do you play in nature?  Where do you spend your time? What do you focus your attention on?  Are you making any time to enjoy your natural environment?

Take time to integrate your responses 

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