Fall transition ideas for personal change and creating goals through your closet!

20131026_125510Today, Oct 26, and only now do I find myself transitioning my wardrobe from summer to fall!  Do you go through your bedroom seasonally?  If not, you should try it.  It is a great way to review your wardrobe and downsize to make room for something new to come into your life.  Perhaps a new relationship!

As most of us  are no longer on the farm and living the natural cycle of the seasons,  this is a nice ritual to engage in for connection and getting InTouch to the passing and upcoming seasons.

The advantages are that each season, or bi-seasonally, we are touching the insides of our closets and drawers and the tops of our dresser.  This allows us to engage in waking up to what isn’t working for us anymore in a positive light and as I said above, creating space for something new.

Recently, my focus has been on downsizing as the kids get ready to move on with their own lives independently of this parent.  Prior to the first one leaving,  I quietly began to let go of the things we no longer needed and that they have out grown.  Each time spending a few minutes on this I felt  both sad and excited!  Sad at the obvious ending of a cycle we shared together and excited about the space that it is creating for who I will become personally and for who we will become together,  in a different relationship as our roles change.

When the first one left, I had already processed enough sadness, in small  enough bits, that I could manage to be more present with the kid who hadn’t prepared themselves emotionally  ahead of time.  I was able to keep from making it about me.  No guilt, no shame and no control! Empathy and encouragement!

Imagine what you could create for yourself!  Skinny clothes from 10 years ago – get rid of them!  Relax and take the pressure off.  Fat clothes from last year, get rid of them and don’t keep them just in case or you will find yourself back in them for sure!  Take your time and have fun.  Learn to think about what you want to bring in and not what you are trying to hold on to!

Share back some of your transition and being the change ideas with us under comments!  .  For example:

  • Single and making room in your closet for a new relationships
  • Activist transitioning from outside to inside activities and needing a new image
  • Transitioning into a new job or retirement

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