Business leadership: How valuable are you to others?

How much do  you contribute?
How valuable are you to others?
Sometimes we take actions in our work environment that we have not stopped to consider.  For example, doing  just what needs to be done to get by, putting in time waiting for the next break or maybe going the extra mile to achieve success. A choice is always  being made and totally obvious to those around you.
  • Core Actions have a greater, long term impact with great outcome of success described as doing what it takes to achieve a better outcome.
  • Surface Actions keep you busy with limited success sometimes described as going through the motions and hiding behind activities.

 getting InTouch techniques can influence employers and employees by shifting surface actions into core actions for stellar results.  This includes learning how surface actions create conflicts….It begins with personal commitments for change. Yes that is you!

If you are interested in 13 Success Steps to find respect and be valued at work read more……..

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