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Beach Labyrinth on World Ocean Day ~ June 8th!

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At Gonzales Beach, Victoria, B.C. on June 8th, World Oceans Day to gather and create a Labyrinth Drawing in the sand.  The purpose was for a film shoot to make a video invitation to invite Ellen D., to the World Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature in May, 2015.  Hosted in Victoria and held at the University of Victoria.

Read more on the World Children’s Summit or on the Contemplation and Labyrinth Workshop

Announcing the birth of the Children’s Peace and Nature Labyrinth Design

Jerry Etzkorn and Renee Lindstrom have done it ​*again!  They have
collaborated and created the Children’s Peace and Nature Labyrinth Design for the ​Contemplative Workshop at the ​World Children’s ​Summit on ​Peace and Nature  in May, 2015.  ​Renee had the idea of creating a Labyrinth design that children of the future could make their own  and Jerry magically turned ideas into amazing and creative results.

This labyrinth design has an entrance at the base of the trunk
and an exit at the top of the branches.  It was specifically designed
this way for the movement and contemplation program for the
World Children’s Summit while keeping the traditional four directions.


Enjoy the beauty in this pattern.  This design will be available in a  30 foot by 30 foot painted portable indoor labyrinth by November 1, 2014


Children's Peace & Nature Labyrinth

*Jerry and Renee collaborated in the fall of 2013 on a heart shape labyrinth design for wedding ceremonies.  .