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Beautiful Learning Moments with a Blue Heron

Blue Heron

Blue Heron

Yesterday a blue heron was along the water’s edge as I was leading a walking group by.

As  we where walking a participant had been talking and so our focus was not on the surroundings.  A thought ran through my mind, “look for the blue heron,” and so I looked up.  There, almost alongside of us, was the blue heron fishing.

How many times do we have these thought messages go through our mind and we don’t pay attention to them?

I am happy I listened this time as we enjoyed seeing this blue heron hunt for fish with no fear of us being watchers!  A highlight of our day that could so easily have been missed! One that brought us out of the story that was being shared into what was immediately in our surroundings!

Our walking lesson prior to going out in nature to walk was about noticing our immediate surrounding and how it influences us.  Many of us are unconscious of how our immediate surrounds stimulate pre-verbal responses.  It is a function of our brain-body connection we aren’t even aware that it is a part of our operating system!  This moment was a metaphor of that teaching!

Beautiful learning moments with a blue heron.


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