Appreciating beautiful endorsement for fuller focus on functional healing integration

M C’s endorsement of Renee Lindstrom’s Inside Awareness Method of Self Mastery and Creative Living.

I was well into an active, happy and productive retirement from my university teaching and research career, when I fell and fractured my left upper arm. Although the bone healed well and I had a course of rehabilitative physiotherapy and then osteopathy treatments, I continued to have pain and decreased mobility in my shoulder and arm. It was this lingering problem that eventually took me to Renee Lindstrom. Now more than a year later, I’m swimming again, quite comfortably. More than finding relief from that accident’s effects, I have learned from Renee to reconsider my body and to become aware of how its functioning is integral to how I live in, confront and respond to the world.  

At age 86, I have until recently been blessed by good health, such that I could more or less ignore my body. It seemed to work for me until the past year when I was diagnosed with cancer and had to have a course of chemotherapy. I felt that my body had let me down when I was unable to continue blithely living the life that I wanted to, without attentiveness. This is when Renee’s work with me based on her special knowledge, experience and practical and interpersonal skills really made the difference. With quiet confidence and patience, she is coaching me to participate successfully, at my advancing age, in taking the steps that bring me back into the possibilities that are available to me now. I’m finding this learning process, among other things, a very interesting, enabling and captivating “project”.


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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog

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