End food poverty by re-educating a community to harvest free & healthy food resources one garden at a time!

A food diversity re-education program close to home!,

Living in Natures Love

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP

_20170424_101328 Edible & Not Edible (Can you see the plastic forks)

DSC_1109 Edible & Not Edible (Can you see the plastic forks)

For educational purposes I have began putting out plastic forks, to represent the plants in my garden that are edible. and little not edible signs beside those that are not edible.  My hope is that those walking by may begin to notice and become curious about the weeds, flowers, plants and trees around them that they can consume free of charge, increasing their health and decreasing their grocery bill. Another hope I have is to encourage my students and clients to become more aware of their environment.  It is imperative to good health for one to become present in their surroundings.

In the Greater Victoria Communities mental illness and homelessness is increasing and there is an ever growing demand for food. Greater Victoria businesses, grocery…

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