Finally heat source that supports my physical well being!

This year I decided to try to find a solution to reducing electricity bills and support a nicer and warmer environment.  I have electric heat that is expensive and inefficient!  A new Canadian Tire just opened close by so while investigating it’s opening sales, I came across this Infrared Heater.  I love Infrared Saunas so this was worth a deeper investigation.   After an on-line search I LIFESMART 6 Element Large Room Infrared Quartz Heater with Wood Cabinet and Remotedecided  to give it a try.

I love it!  As soon as it was turned on the infrared felt wonderful.  I have experienced oil heat, heat from a furnace, forced air, wood fires, heaters of all sorts including oil in a radiator and more.  None has been as efficient as this one seems to be.

Infrared Quartz Heater

It heats up a larger living area more efficiently than the existing heating system!  I purposely have left the heat extremely low and cooled the space off and within minutes this heater heats the middle of the room, while the existing heating system simply heats pockets of the room.

The greatest part of the experience is that I am very sensitive to all the heating systems I have tried.  Headaches, sinuses begin to feel plugged, chest tightens and a feeling of heaviness that supports feelings of being tired.   There was an immediate relief using this heater. It is now my heat of choice!

Reading some of the reviews I found some of the unhappy comments  to be the reasons I love this heater even more.  I can use it and know that once the room reaches the desired heat it will shut off!  I also love that it has an eco setting.  I find it is quiet and not annoying like some fans.  I love that it isn’t a fan that forces a direct path of shooting air and that it has a screen that is easy to see and read!

Read more Infrared Quartz Heater

I would love to explore a central home heating system that uses this type of technology!  For me it is cleaner energy!



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