Glorious Me by Author Deborah B Hawkey has Lauched!

Written by Renee Lindstrom, November 19, 2016Deborah B Hawkey Book Launch

Local Author and Creative Writer Mentor, Junie Swadron, introduces Deborah and then shares in unique dialog exchange with her to the delight of the audience!

We learned three things about Deborah last night that endeared her  to those of us that where lucky enough to hear some of her story.

  1.  Hawkey is the first person in Canada, diagnosed with acute blast-cell leukemia, to reach the five-year milestone after experimental bone marrow transplantation.
  2. In order to cope with the horrific experiences of her life-time she developed a strategy of pulling her hair called Trichotillomania, that lasted for 38 years.  She cured herself of this condition!!!!!!
  3. That she has become a life-coach and is developing a program to share with others!!!!!

Of course there is so much more to her story that qualifies it as horrific, however her focus has shifted to finding the beauty in life.  This includes how she was able to find acceptance, forgive and find meaningful relationships with her own father before he passed away.

It has been a joy supporting Deborah in launching Glorious Me, My Journey on the Path to Self Love, and to share in this important event!

To find out more or buy her book visit:

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