Clients Book Launch

Glorious Me

I am excited and celebrating A clients book launch tomorrow, Nov 18, 2016!

Deborah B. HawkeyGreater Victoria Author, Deborah B. Hawkey has written a page turner entitled, Glorious Me, My Journey to the Path of Self Love.  Deborah was the first person in Canada to reach the 5 year milestone with Acute Blast Cell Leukemia and the only survivor in a group of 10 kids undergoing horrific experimental treatment.   She writes about this and how she has turned a lifetime of struggling to survive into a one of appreciation and gratitude!

Junie Swadron, Author and Creative Writing Mentor, says,

I sat aghast as well as in awe as I listened to Deb’s stories and how she not only survived the past, but how she transformed her entire attitude to bring herself into a state of love, peace and full acceptance. She is a true survivor.

Time:  6 to 8 pm

Location:  Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street, James Bay, Victoria, B.C.


Read more or buy Glorious Me on-line


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