Announcing sister site focused upon creating a Culture of Values


Culture of Value & Kids Peace Bus Value Based Calendar Education Systems this September!

peace bus for a greener planet

Kids Peace bus Calendar of Values is a structure of learning patterns that breaks through complex critical thinking due to its simplicity of experiencing.  These patterns model ethical and humane behavior that layered with learning empathetic listening  and speaking, children can learn to communicate using a language that values others and is inclusive.  The Kids Peace Bus Calendar of Values is the foundation that can make later development of complex social learning systems easier and less time-consuming.

The Kids Peace Bus Calendar of Values program is a value-based educational component that is also a structure of implementation that is easy.  It is a program that makes learning fun,  and can grow into an organic system for creating *green behavior!   

Integration programs include:  

  • yearly calendar of values to follow for easy integration,
  • setting goals for creating a community and social culture for learning support
  • Teacher’s agendas and personal workbooks for simple integration and value definition development
  • vocabulary building
  • discussion topics for listening and dialogue skill building (designed for organic honesty & empathy)
  • community building ideas  


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