Truly the Beauty Path!

Walking of Blossom, World Labyrinth Day ~ Victoria

Walking of Blossoms, World Labyrinth Day ~ Victoria

May 3, ’14 was World Labyrinth Day and the focus was, “We walk as One.”  The meet up in Victoria was at the Park Labyrinth in James Bay.  Beautiful at this time year with the added and unexpected bonus of Japanese Blossoms.  These trees had been a gift to Victoria from Japan.  This year they are creating a canape over the the pathway leading to the labyrinth and over part of the labyrinth itself.

Walking up to the labyrinth entrance under this canopy the sensation was uplifting with joy and light-heartedness.  Entering the labyrinth and walking to the center there was pleasure at noticing the flowers in the grass.  The pathway was filled with tiny springtime flowers.  Coming around a corner, fresh blossoms from the Japanese Cherry’s laid in wait and suddenly a canopy of blossoms overhead.

Truly one of the most beautiful labyrinth walks this author has encountered. Natural and unexpected.  This labyrinth is surrounded by old growth trees that help to circle it and the feelings of love and playfulness prevailed.  Walking for World Peace on this day carried a different emotion and spirit than anticipated and really isn’t it light-heartedness and playfulness that is going to bring it on?


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