Value-Based Workplace Culture

A Value-Based Workplace Culture enhances:

  • leadership skills.
  • personal ownership
  • taking  responsibility for the job

It provides:

  • clarity and understanding of why there a need for structure
  • improves communication
  • reduces gossip
  • increases productivity.

I.  Step #1 – Start with a *consulting session to explore:  

  1. Value wording in your workplace mission/vision statement to  deepen the connection and willingness to contribute to the success of your operation
  2. The best way to introduce a model of communication for creating an  environment of respect, accountability, acceptance and motivation.

*Consulting – in person or by chat on-line

II.  Step #2Learn how:

  1. To make agreements based upon values.  

Benefits:  increase motivation and willingness to contribute replacing decreasing moral and office tension

III.  Step #3Provide learning opportunities to your employees:

                    1. Teach your employees the culture you want to work in.
                    2.  Integrate a value-based literacy program to support skill
Benefit:  Turn disconnection into connections (even with hard to hear messages!), improving work and reducing office politics.
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Renee Lindstrom
Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, Communication Coach since 2004, Art of Placement since 2000


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