Multiple Sclerosis

Feldenkrais® Method Research

In one study, steadiness and comfort with daily movements, self-esteem and overall quality of life improved in patients with Multiple Sclerosis who used Feldenkrais bodywork and/or participated in Awareness Through Movement sessions.

In another study, a group of patients with Multiple Sclerosis participated in an Awareness Through Movement group. The results demonstrated significantly improved mCTSIB scores and improved balance confidence compared to controls. There was a marked improvement in all other measures in the Awareness Through Movement group compared to controls. Results: This type of motor learning intervention can be effective in improving a variety of physical and psychological parameters related to balance and postural control in patients with MS.

Bost, H., Burges, S., Russell, R., Ruttinger, H. and Schlafke, U. Feldstudie zur wiiksamkeit der Feldenkrais-Method bei MS – Betroffenen. Deutche Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft. Saarbrucken, German, 1994.

Stephens, J., DuShuttle, D., Hatcher, C., Shmunes, J., Slaninka, C. Use of Awareness Through Movement improves balance and balance confidence in people with multiple sclerosis: a randomized controlled study. Neurology Report 25(2):39-49, 2001.


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